The Square is perhaps the most obvious feature of the village. It has been the centre of the village for over 1,000 years.

The north end of the Square

The north end of the Square

It was tarmacced in the late 30's and features a war memorial, a pumphouse, a bus shelter and a load of trees. It is surrounded by homes and shops.

Starting at the north of the Square there's Balsdon's, which is a general store and grocer.

Bradworthy surgery is the rather grand building to the right, where doctors Betts and Kandasamy practice with some health visitors and district nurses.

The Inn

The Inn

Continuing right there's Rose Tree cafe on the corner. Public conveniences are just across the road - being next to the old forge, which is now a print shop. Further along there are a few houses.

Then there's the pub, which offers meals and ale - it has bed and breakfast facilities as well.

View from the church tower looking west

View from the church tower looking west

Occupying most of the southern end of the Square is Wades, which is a furniture, beds, carpets store.

Around the corner is Martin & Co. who sell just about everything you can imagine - ornaments, tools, shoes, furniture, carpets - drop in it's a veritable Aladdin's Cave!

Next to Martin's is the butcher. Their sausages are amongst the best I've tasted. Next along is a large house that used to be a Temperance Hotel.

Set back off the Square you come to the Memorial Hall and Social Club. The hall has just been kitted out with a posh new extension, complete with flash copper roof. There's also a local museum room upstairs.


Some cool dudes at Carnival time

If you visit Bradworthy during the summer months you'll find a small community stall/market outside the hall on Saturday mornings

Moving further right we come to the Wickett's garage, where you can also get petrol and diesel. This was where electricity was generated for village use in the days before the 'national grid'.

What else goes on on the Square? Well, in mid July we have Carnival week, so the Square gets pretty busy on the main Saturday.

Square in the 60s

The Square in the late 1960's

A recent innovation is the Fair. This is a revival of an centuries old sheep fair that died out in the early 50's. Turn up on August Bank Holiday and you'll have a great day - especially if you also partake of the Beer Festival.

Oh, and if it's raining you can always sit in the bus shelter!

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